Creamfields is located in the heart of Cheshire, in between the cities of Liverpool & Manchester. Leading from the very front of the pack since 1998, Creamfields is constantly growing and evolving, setting the pace for dance music festivals all over the world.

Having burst out of the intense clubbing culture of England’s north west in the late 90s, Creamfields has been instrumental in shaping the dance music scene as we know it today.

But it doesn’t simply rely on its heritage. Creamfield’s spectacular visuals, light shows, FX towers, pyrotechnics and firework finale still set it a cut above the rest. The lineup each year is studded with every star you could think off.

Creamfields’ army of global devotees has spawned an international family of festivals, and the UK event continues to light the way at its head. 2015 was most definitely no different!